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Hi, I'm Ahmed Fahmy.

   a professional graphic designer with more than six years of experience, I've been working in the pro wrestling industry for years now with many respected wrestling promotions all over the world.

I've started learning Photoshop skills 10 years ago & I'm doing my best to improve my skills more and learn new graphic design softwares and techniques.

ABOUT ME                                                                     


    2013 - Present        Freelance Graphic Designer


  • Designed Eye-Catching posters, flyers & promotional materials for Pro Wrestling shows all over the world.

  • Worked with prestigious wrestling promotions in Germany, the USA and the UK.  

  • Worked on some Independent Movies posters.

  • Created the graphics and visual Identity of many well known Pro Wrestling Shows.

  • Improved the quality of graphics of each company I worked with.

Clients I've Worked with

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